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Dr. Andrew Leeds Enhancing attachment-related emotional and behavioural self-regulation with Resource Development and Installation - Saturday the 27th of August at 9.00am AEST

Sat 27 August 2022

Webinar Abstract:
This workshop will describe the EMDR derived procedure Resource Development and Installation (RDI), its origins, development, research support, goals, and recent controversies. The role of RDI procedures will be explored in the preparation phase of EMDR therapy as well as an aid to resolving blockages in standard reprocessing. RDI has been reported to have applications to addressing issues related to insecure attachment such as negative self-image, toxic shame, and impaired self-soothing as well as the developing of other coping skills such as boundary setting, assertiveness, risk-taking, and trusting one’s own perceptions. Criteria will be presented to reduce risks of misuse or overuse of RDI. Clinical examples will be presented to illustrate appropriate use of RDI. Detailed procedural scripts will be provided that EMDR trained clinicians can apply to enhance capacities for emotional and behavioural self-regulation as well as to facilitate consolidation of a self-concept in the later stages of EMDR therapy.
Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will be able to describe when to make appropriate use and when to avoid misuse or overuse of the RDI procedure.
2. Participants will be able to summarise the research support for the RDI procedure.
3. Participants will apply the seven-step RDI procedure to support attachment related gains in emotional and behavioural self-regulation and the formation of a positive self-image.