Dr. Andrew Leeds took center stage as the keynote speaker at the EMDRAA 2023 Conference themed ‘Building Better Lives: EMDR Foundations for Complexity.’ His presentation, titled ‘An Update on the Progress and Future of EMDR Therapy,’ garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback. EMDRAA is delighted to share this insightful presentation with the broader EMDR community.


Anticipation is building for the EMDRAA 2024 Conference, titled ‘EMDR Beyond PTSD – An Integrative & Transdiagnostic Psychotherapy,’ scheduled to take place on the Gold Coast from 3 – 5 May 2024.

Explore real-life case studies that highlight EMDR’s effectiveness in addressing anxiety, depression, OCD, addictions, chronic pain, and conditions like long COVID. Gain valuable insights into how this integrative approach extends beyond single-event traumas, transforming therapy throughout the lifespan. Join us in advancing our comprehension of EMDR as an integrative, transdiagnostic psychotherapy.

Stay tuned as registrations will open soon!