The EMDR Association of Australia (EMDRAA) is a professional association seeking to raise the profile of EMDR in Australia, working to maintain, support and promote EMDR practice, research and education.  In doing so, EMDRAA provides an independent, not for profit forum for professional practitioners using EMDR.


EMDRAA also sets minimum standards for the content of EMDR training and approves EMDR training courses for use in Australia, taking into account international guidelines.


EMDRAA sets minimum standards of membership of the Association, again considering international guidelines.  EMDRAA liaises and communicates with EMDR International Association, EMDR Asia and other international bodies promoting EMDR practice, research and education.


A further role of the Association is to advance the scientific study and professional practice of EMDR and to promote high standards of competence, conduct, education, qualifications and achievement amongst EMDR practitioners through lectures, professional contacts, reports, papers and discussion.


EMDRAA also arranges a number of workshops and webinars on EMDR and subjects of interest to EMDR practitioners.