Find an EMDRAA Accredited Consultant

 Why are EMDR consultation sessions important?
Following EMDR Basic Training, Consultation is a requirement for EMDRAA membership and highly desirable even if trainees elect not to join the Association.

By participating in consultation, trainees will be able to safely and effectively integrate the use of EMDR therapy into their clinical setting.

Consultation provides an opportunity for the integration of the theory of EMDR therapy along with the development of EMDR therapy skills.

During consultation trainees receive individualised feedback and instruction in the areas of case conceptualisation, client readiness, target selection and sequencing, treatment planning, specific application of skills, and the integration of EMDR therapy into clinical practice.

The role of an EMDRAA Consultant is to support consultees in building skill and confidence in their practice while maintaining fidelity to the EMDR standard protocol and other protocols that are now becoming accepted practice in EMDR therapy.

Consultation is an opportunity to ask questions from an experienced EMDR peer, improve skills, and maintain professional development.

Consultation is valuable for new trainees and also for more experienced practitioners to maintain high standards in their EMDR practice.

 EMDRAA Accredited Consultants
EMDRAA Accredited Consultants have fulfilled requirements for accreditation by working with a minimum of 75 clients and 300 EMDR sessions. They must provide evidence of competencies in all areas of EMDR practice and submit documentation to the EMDRAA Accreditation and Standards Committee for approval.

Choosing a consultant with whom to work is an individual process, as people have different styles and consultation works best when there is a good fit. We recommend contacting Consultants directly to discuss your learning needs.

Please click here to see the list of EMDRAA Accredited Consultants.