Who can undertake EMDR Accredited Training?

A background in mental health is essential as it provides the foundational understanding of clinical presentations, case formulation and treatment planning.

Medical Practitioners

Psychiatrists are to be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority (AHPRA) or the Medical Council of New Zealand.

General Practitioners are required to have additional training in Psychological Medicine, and be registered with AHPRA or the Medical Council of New Zealand.

Mental Health Nurses

Mental Health Nurses are required to be registered with AHPRA or in New Zealand with the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

 Allied Health Professionals

Psychologists are required to be registered with AHPRA or the New Zealand Psychology Board.

Occupational Therapists are required to be registered with AHPRA or the New Zealand Occupational Therapy Board and to have additional specialist training in mental health.

Social Workers need to be registered with Australian Association of Social Workers or in New Zealand with the Social Workers Registration Board.

Counsellors and Psychotherapists are required to be registered with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) as a Clinical member or as an Accredited Mental Health Practitioner or the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) as a Level 3 or 4 member.

In New Zealand Psychotherapists are required to be registered with the Psychotherapists Board. Counsellors are required to be registered with the New Zealand Association of Counsellors as a Level 8 member.

Creative Arts Therapists are required to be senior members of ANZACATA (The Australian, New Zealand & Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association), who have completed an approved mental health degree, followed by an approved Master’s degree in Arts Therapy, and 750 hours of supervised clinical placement. Only Senior members of ANZACATA who have this professional status are entitled to use the post nominals AThR.


Students enrolled in a graduate-level program in mental health (psychiatry, psychology, social work, counselling, etc.) that are currently involved in the internship portion of their program and are working under the supervision of a qualified mental health professional can also apply to train. Please note that many graduate counselling qualifications when completed are often followed by substantial additional hours and supervision to allow registration with ACA or PACFA at the required level. As such, student provisions might only apply for graduate counselling degrees toward the end of the accrual of the additional client work hours. If unsure, please be in touch with us at accred@emdraa.org and we will do what we can to provide clarity for you.

If you do not meet the above criteria, but feel you have some equivalence in your training, registration or experience and would like to apply to train, please send the completed form below, with all accompanying attachments as outlined on the form to accred@emdraa.org

Exceptional circumstances application to train