Our Mission

To maintain and promote quality and integrity in EMDR practice, research and education. To provide an independent non-profit forum for professional practitioners using Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) psychotherapy and to raise the profile of EMDR. To maintain standards consistent with EMDR associations internationally as a member of the EMDR Asia Assocation.

EMDR is recognised as having the highest level of research evidence for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by the Australian Psychological Society (EBPI Review 2010).

Over 300 studies have been published showing EMDR to be effective for treating depression, anxiety, phobias, addictions, body dysmorphia and other mental health issues. EMDR has been used effectively with adults, but also with children and adolescents.

EMDR is popular because treatment outcomes occur in a shorter period of time than some other treatments and the changes have been shown to be permanent.

Click International Treatment Guidelines for more reading on trauma and EMDR research.

The EMDR Association of Australia was founded in 1998 and, in addition to supporting practitioners, sets the standards for training, certification and consultancy in EMDR. Find out more about us

Please follow the link to the EMDR Therapist Network at the top right of screen to ‘Find a Therapist’  in your area. All therapists listed have completed basic training in EMDR. Other than that, there are no specific claims made about any practitioner and those searching for a therapist should determine if they fall within the client group managed by the practitioner. Where a therapist is also an EMDRAA Approved Consultant,the therapist has demonstrated greater knowledge and experience.