EMDR Asia: www.emdr-asia.org This umbrella organisation covers EMDR Associations in the Asia – Pacific region.
EMDR Europe: www.emdr-europe.org This umbrella organisation covers EMDR Associations in Europe.
EMDR International Association: www.emdria.org In spite of the name, this association covers USA only.
EMDR Ibero-America: www.emdriberoamerica.org This umbrella organisation covers EMDR Associations in the South America region.
A comprehensive list of links to many other EMDR Associations worldwide can be found at www.emdr.com/emdr-organizations.html or www.emdrtherapistnetwork.com/emdria.html

EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs: www.emdrhap.org EMDR HAP provides training for clinicians in places affected by manmade or natural disaster.
Francine Shapiro Library: www.emdria.org/?page=45
EMDR Institute: www.emdr.com Francine Shapiro’s commercial arm is the EMDR Institute


There are literally hundreds or sites focusing on trauma. Here are two good ones:

David Baldwin’s Trauma Information pages: www.trauma-pages.com This award-winning site contains a wealth material ranging from client handouts to many of the classic papers in the field.
Bessel van der Kolk’s Trauma Centre: www.traumacentre.org This site has resources for special populations and various treatment approaches, including EMDR.