EMDRAA Accredited Trainers

EMDRAA do not actually organise or run training programmes. EMDRAA’s role is to review and assess the applications of prospective trainers and determine whether their training programmes meet the international standard for best practice in EMDR therapy.

All EMDRAA Accredited Trainers have spent many years developing their skills in EMDR theory and clinical practice and have fulfilled requirements to become, firstly an EMDRAA Accredited Practitioner, then EMDRAA Accredited Consultant and finally an Accredited EMDRAA Trainer. Individuals who develop training programmes in EMDR Basic Training submit these to the EMDRAA Accreditation and Standards Committee for approval.

EMDRAA Accredited training programmes and EMDRAA Accredited Trainers have undergone a stringent assessment process and have been approved by EMDRAA as meeting international guidelines and standards for best practice in EMDR therapy.

There are other providers offering EMDR courses, however these do not meet the standard and are not approved by EMDRAA.

You will only be eligible to become an EMDRAA member if you have completed an EMDRAA approved EMDR basic training programme.

Choosing an EMDRAA Accredited Trainer and training programme is an individual process, as people have different styles and whilst the content of all EMDRAA approved courses is essentially covering similar components, each trainer has different learning formats.

EMDRAA Accredited Trainers are private training providers. Please contact them directly to discuss their training programmes and if it will fulfill your learning needs.

Please click here to see the list of EMDRAA Accredited Trainers.