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(7am-10am in Western Australia, 11am-2pm in New Zealand)

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There is a limit of 100 places available for each webinar


22 July 2017

“Dissociation: A misunderstood obstacle to effective EMDR processing”

Presented by Mary Sutton, EMDRAA Accredited Trainer

During phase four of EMDR therapy i.e. the application of bi-lateral stimulation, it is essential that the client maintain dual focus.

To assist this, matters such as working within the window of tolerance and its relevant subjects are well covered both in training and Shapiro’s text. However, the huge question of working with dissociation i.e. when a client enters an altered state of consciousness and detaches from reality either past or present, is left unaddressed. with only a mention.

Clients who dissociate to one degree or another, comprise 10% of the clinical population (Sar,V 2011). Accordingly, it is important to examine this issue further in order to understand and work with this phenomenon.

About Mary Sutton

Mary has worked in the field of trauma and dissociation for 20 years and uses EMDR successfully in this area.  She lectures on both Dissociation and an Introduction to EMDR at Western Sydney University.

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19 Aug 2017

“EMDR and Pain”

Presented by Mark Grant, EMDRAA Accredited Consultant

In this webinar Mark will describe in detail what happens in a typical EMDR pain session through the lens of trauma-related pain, functional pain and pain related to injury/illness. Case conceptualization issues specific to pain will be reviewed. Practicalities of processing and reintegration will be discussed. The nature and role of adjunctive strategies will be covered. Time-permitting some case studies will be presented to illustrate the practical realities of working with different types of pain with EMDR, including clients who do not respond to bilateral stimulation.


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21 Oct 2017

“Relational EMDR”

Presented by Mark Dworkin, EMDRIA Accredited Trainer

Amongst all the processes, procedures and protocols of EMDR, the relational aspects between client and therapist can often be neglected.

For many clients, whether they can undertake EMDR and work through to a successful resolution, depends on the strength of the relationship the therapist has built with them.

This webinar will explore the often subtle ways that client and therapist can affect and respond to each other in therapy and how paying attention to your own subjective responses and body sensations can enhance the healing work of EMDR.  This webinar will describe the difference between intersubjective and relational interweaves and provide participants with practical tools they can use with their clients.  Mark will discuss his own case examples, but this webinar will also be interactive.

Mark will invite participants to email him prior to this event with their own case examples, where they have felt stuck during EMDR processing and were unsure as to whether there were other feeder memories or blocking beliefs. He will discuss ways to work through these stuck points with your clients from a relational perspective.

Publication: Dworkin, M., (2005) EMDR and the Relational Imperative: The therapeutic relationship in EMDR treatment. Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group

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Date TBC

“EMDR and Memory Re-consolidation”

Presented by Bruce Ecker

Webinar details and registration link will be available soon.