The EMDR practitioner’s training begins with the Basic EMDR Training¬†program, which comprises 50 hours: 20 hours of didactic training, 20 hours of skills training and 10 hours of consultation with an EMDRAA Accredited Consultant, spread over a period of time. Knowledge and skills increase with each level. Trainees are encouraged to gain experience during initial training, but only individuals who have completed all 50 hours can be considered fully trained to conduct EMDR therapy. Full Membership status indicates a person has completed their basic training. Only once a person has gained Full Membership may they list on the EMDRAA’s Find a Therapist service.

Upon completing Basic Training, practitioners can work towards Accreditation as an EMDRAA Accredited Practitioner through consultation on their EMDR practice. Whilst there will be a requirement to attend for consultation, accreditation is awarded based on competence in all areas of EMDR practice.

EMDRAA Consultants differ from Practitioners in that they are also accredited to provide consultation to individuals who are working towards becoming Accredited Practitioners. Those seeking accreditation as an EMDRAA consultant must be an EMDRAA Accredited Practitioner and met all the consultants’ criteria.

Basic EMDR Training programs are approved by EMDRAA in Australia and follow the internationally recognised curriculum published by the EMDR International Association.

Participants may practise EMDR and advertise themselves as “EMDR Trained” after the completion of the first training module of 20 hours. Irrespective of presenter, shorter courses give insufficient background and practice to allow therapists to safely begin to use EMDR. Sometimes trainers may provide shorter courses to generate awareness but these shorter introductory courses do NOT meet international criteria and are not endorsed by EMDRAA as international experience has shown they do not prepare therapists adequately to conduct EMDR therapy safely. Trainees must complete the Basic Training Program described above to become a Full Member of the Association.

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